Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've been away!

Last weekend, Hubby's cousin got married.  He and Butterfly were in the wedding.  They looked great.  And now, Saturday, we are starting to get back on top of life.  It is an 18 hour get back to where Hubby and I grew up.  So this was no small undertaking when we agreed to be a part of this beautiful event.  We left on Wednesday night (much to the dismay of our families who were expecting us to leave Thursday) and arrived around noon on Thursday.  We did all the fun wedding stuff and left on Monday morning to arrive back in our state around 4am on Tuesday.  What a haul.  :)  But it was all worth it.  My man looked hot, my big girl looked all grown up.  My little two were as cute as could be.  The bride and groom were stunning.

This event really brought home how much we both miss our families.  We miss the closeness, we miss them watching our kids grow up.  We rarely get to go visit, because of the drive and the cost.  We hope that we will be able to be back home for Christmas but that might be pushing the envelope a bit.  We may not get home until spring again. 

To all of our family, we miss you and we loved seeing you.  Hopefully we will see you again soon.


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