Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Science Experiments

Today the kids and I did a couple of science experiments.  The first one was for the big kids and it will take a day or two to complete.  We place a raw egg in a jar with vinegar in it.  The idea here is to let the egg sit in the vinegar and the shell will dissolve leaving you with a "rubber" egg.  This site has some ideas to take the "rubber" egg a step further.  We will be trying those steps this week as well.  :)

With my little kids I poured some baking soda on a sheet pan.  I then gave them medicine droppers and a cup of vinegar.  I let them drip and drop the vinegar all over the baking soda and let them watch the reaction.  They LOVED it and it was an easy (and CHEAP!) experiment.  :)  When they were tired of the droppers I said, "What do you think would happen if we dumped the rest of the vinegar on the baking soda?"  And of course they wanted to try it.  So they did and they had the best reaction (as did the baking soda and vinegar) of all.  :)

For the big kids, as they are doing experiments I am having them write down what experiment we are doing, what they see and what they think will happen.  It is very interesting to see what they think.  They will get to compare and contrast what they think will happen and what actually happens.

Here are some pictures of the littles and their experiment.  :)

Here is the first picture of the egg experiment as well. 

Hope you are all having a great start to summer!  
<3 Alison

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