Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer colds

This fall I started a new adventure. I am an aid at one of the preschools.  I am loving it so far!  I get to work with great teachers and the students are really fun. Always keep you on your toes!  :)

Now you all know I have four kiddos, right?  Two of which have been in school for a combination of 5 plus years, right?  I thought that I would be able to "handle" the germs since I had already been exposed to many of them. Well, guess who was wrong. Me!  Lol!  With a whopping 3 days of school under my belt I started feeling it. And with the fourth day behind me it is official. I have my first cold of the year. I fear it will not be the only. Time to start dosing up on vitamin c and d and getting some good ol' OJ in me. 

I can only hope that I keep this cold to myself. I certainly don't need to share this with anyone else. I am very thankful today that I don't need to go back in to school until Thursday.  

So with that said, when you have a cold what so you do to combat it?  When you are entering cold/flu season, what do you do to prevent it?

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