Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer has HIT!

And we are busier than ever.  We have been spending much of the time outside.  We bought blow up pool last year and have used it more in the month of May this year than we did all of last year!  I am so glad we have it.  :)

We have been grilling, hanging out outside, letting the kids stay up too late (bad Mommy! lol!), and just having a good time.  This weekend we are going camping.  We are going with another family and we are SO excited.  We haven't been camping since before Butterfly was born and then we only went once because I was preggo with Butterfly.  It was awesome and we want to share that experience with our kids.  So we will haul all of our camping stuff, kids and their stuff, and friends along to the campsite and enjoy the time outdoors.  We are hoping the weather holds out for us or we will be hanging out in the mini van alot watching movies!  LOL.  It could get interesting with 6 kids (5 of them 4 and under) and four adults crammed in a mini van to avoid the!

This week the kids and I got to go strawberry picking.  LOVE IT!  I made 15 pints of strawberry jam,  6 jars without pectin and 9 with pectin.  I think I am liking how the ones with pectin set up a bit better but I don't mind having some strawberry "sauce" for pancakes and shortcakes.  :)

I recently started a new workout DVD.  Jillina Michaels 30 Day Shred.  There is a lady on my Facebook who is doing a 30 Day Shred challenge so I took the opporrtunity to challenge myself, lose some weight and hopefully get a shot at winning a stunning bracelet.  :)  I am on day 3 and I am hoping I can make it through the workout.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

After we get back from our camping trip we will be preparing for our vacation.  This year our vacation is taking us back to Minnesota where both my husband and I grew up.  My grandmother is turning 90 years old this summer (July 1st) so we are returning to help her celebrate that.  Both my family and my hubby's family live in the same area.  It is convenient on one hand and hard on the other.  I hope that everything goes well.   We will be celebrating Bee's birthday while we are there.  She was born on July 5th.  I can't believe she is going to be 3.  Where did the time go?

Bubby is now able to eat lamb and rice.  When we return from camping we will be trying a fruit or veggie so that he can hopefully have a whole meal!  :D  What amazing progress we have made.  I thank God for giving us a fabulous doctor that has helped me understand a bit better of where our son is.  I am so glad she is so patient and she answers any questions that I have, no matter how silly they seem.  She is awesome!  Thank you Dr. C! 

Alright, well those are my musings for the day.  :)  Sorry I haven't updated lately.  Things have just been so summery, it is hard to be inside.  :)

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