Monday, September 19, 2011


I went away!  The last month has been CRAZY!  Butterfly started kindy, Hubby went on a business trip (and is consequently gone this week too), I was prepping for a garage sale and much, much more.  I got so busy I forgot to update here!  So sorry!

Well, we are starting to get into the groove of things.  We get Butterfly off to the bus by 7:15 each morning and then Monday's and Wednesday's we take Bee to pre-school for a couple of hours.  Then Bubby and Dragonfly and I do our errands.  We go to the bank, post office, and the grocery store.  Now that the weather has cooled off we are hoping to be able to go apple picking and put up some apples for the winter. So excited about that! :D

Hubby and I are once again involved in our church and it feels so good to be involved!  We are teaching middle school Sunday school on Sunday mornings.  We just started but it is so nice.  I am SUPER excited about the study we are going to be doing with them.

I have also become a Sparks leader at our church's AWANA program.  I have my own little group of Sparkies who play together, sing songs, learn Bible verses and have a good time.  I hope that this year will be a great year for my kiddos.  Butterfly and Bee are both involved in the AWANA program and Bubby and Dragonfly are going to head to the nursery during that time when Hubby is away (like this week).

I am hoping to get some crafting in this week while Hubby is away.  With any luck I will be able to blog about them too!

Hope you all have a great week!
<3 Alison

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  1. What are you planning to do with your apples? I have a big bag of them right now and I hope to make some apple crisp today. But not sure what to do with the rest. Do you know of a way that you can store them for long periods? Love ya! (Monica)