Monday, November 1, 2010

Emotions were running high

Yesterday was our last Sunday at our church.  We have been attending our church for 5 years and became members shortly after that.  We have made so many great memories with the people there.  The women's ministry events, VBS, Sunday school for all of us, the baby showers, the weddings, the church work days, and let's not forget all of the Bible studies.  I knew it was going to be a hard day.  I knew I would likely cry.  What I didn't expect is when I would cry.  I made it through the service, I made it through talking to many people about our move.  It wasn't until I was saying goodbye to our middle school and former middle school students that it really hit me.  I realized for the first time that some of our former students were now seniors and would be graduating this year.  I realized that I would be leaving my kids' favorite babysitter. 
I have been through so much with these kids.  We went through a church renovation where we held class wherever we could.  For a time we were in a hallway and in part of the old kitchen.  I think for a time we met where the little kids are now.  But through that renovation we were given a room that our students just loved.  We made it our own with couches, coffee tables and much conversation.  
This church has been with us through the birth of all three of our kids.  They have been there as we needed an extra hand to hold a baby during the service.  They have been there through the laughter and through tears.  Our church family was our family.  We had holidays together, we celebrated birthdays together.   These memories and these fabulous people will always be in our hearts and on our minds.  We pray that God would continue to bless you.
I still can't believe that our time here is over.  It is all still very surreal.  We are leaving on Friday.  We are closing the chapter on this part of our live and opening a new one. 


  1. it's always so hard to leave a place but God has great plans for you in your new, prayers for an easy transition!

  2.'s really tough, isn't it? You will make it through the goodbyes (or rather the "see you laters") and have many more adventures and new people to meet ahead of you! What an exciting time in your lives! :) *hugs*