Tuesday, November 23, 2010


That is what I call it.  We are loving our families and are very grateful for their generosity to keep us while we are looking for a place to live.  With that said, I am really missing my house...or any house that I can call my own for that matter.  The kids are doing great.  They are loving being able to see their grandparents.  The first week we stayed at the hotel, then at the end of that week we stayed at my in laws, then to my parents, then back to the in laws this week.  Next week we will go back to my parents.  I am not sure how long I will be able to keep up at this pace.

I had a realization this week.  Last year I bought a new Christmas tree and decorations.  I was sooo excited to put them out this year.  Alas, with the new circumstances, I will not be able to do so.  You see they are sitting in storage in a town about 3 hours from us.  I also have no place to display said decorations and tree.  I know it seems like a small thing and I won't have anything to put away after Christmas either, but it is something I look forward to every year.  I am pretty bummed. 

Hubby has been staying at the provided temporary housing so he is closer to work and that has been a good thing for him.  We miss him like crazy though.  We talk to him every night on Skype so that helps but the kids are having a really rough time without him.  So am I. 

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post tonight.  But this is kind of where I am at.  I keep trying to remember that God's plan is the best plan and he knows what I need right now and apparently it is for us to be very close to family.  So I pray that I can remember that.  And that I can be a gracious guest.  And a helpful guest.

<3 Alison


  1. I'm sorry Alison, staying with family is tough, being away from hubby is even harder! Are you looking for a new rental and that's what you're waiting on? Will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Better to be honest and a Debbie downer than cover it up and "suffer" quietly. I will be praying!

  3. ah sweetheart...we were SO there...

    We moved home from Thailand and thought we had a job, but it feel through, so we lived with the in laws, then my parents, back to the in laws...

    Alex had interviewed at two places and we were so ready to move, we packed the car and waited for the word. New York or Nebraska. We got the call adn started driving that day. No apartment, no nothing...just a car and a whole lotta desire to get in our own city, our own place, our own Christmas decorations :)

    I totally get where you are...and the great thing is...it won't always be like this...there are bigger and better things to come :) I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations next year :)