Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tinker Toys, Matrushka Dolls and TV ~ OH MY!

This is what the week has consisted of.  Lots of Tinker Toys, Matrushka Dolls and TV (please forgive the spelling, I am not sure how to spell it.  The dolls are the Russian stacking dolls that fit inside one another).  We have been staying with my parents this week, it has been great!  All but yesterday things have gone well.  Yesterday the kids got a bit...ummm...rambunctious? and well it was a rough day.  But other than that they have been great.  Butterfly loves Tinker Toys, Bee loves those Russian dolls and Bubby just loves being around both of them.  All the while they are all watching Playhouse Disney.  Then in the afternoons we let them play outside (of course AFTER we bought new winter garb for them all because it is STINKING COLD in Minnesota).  They have loved every minute of it.  They keep asking when Santa is coming.  You see in Ohio it would snow mostly around Christmas time.  Here, not so much.  LOL! 
So that is a mini-update on us.  Hopefully soon I will remember to take pictures and will be able to share them with you. 

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