Thursday, July 29, 2010

Learning Wall

 I recently got the bug to do a learning wall in the kids' playroom.  I found some classroom card schedulers in the dollar spot at Target and thought that would be a PERFECT solution for my learning wall.  We now have a calendar, color of the month, shape of the month, letter of the week, theme and season.  All of which we can learn about and utilize at any moment.  Today the kids wanted to talk about the shape and the color.  So we did.  It is basically a visual reminder of things we want to talk and learn about.  

My kids love to do workbook pages and that had been the extent of our at home learning up until this point.  Butterfly has learned to write her letters and we are working on reading.  Bee is learning about shapes, colors, number and letters.  Bubby is just being Bubby.  :)  We do most of our workbook pages when Bubby is napping.  Here are a couple of pictures of our learning wall.  It is just a beginning but it works.  I am going to be adding more pictures and color as we get further into it but this is it for now.

I hope to have an area to display the things the kids are really proud of, whether it is a workbook page or a craft.  That may have to wait until we get a bigger space but it is a dream.  :)

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  1. Something like a clothesline could work above it to hang their masterpieces :)