Friday, July 16, 2010

Mei Chair Tutorial

This is the first tutorial that I have written so please bear with me and leave comments if I am not clear about something.  I would love to do more of these.  When I sew, I generally make the seam allowance about as big as the foot on my machine.  I cannot find my seam gauge to tell you how big it is though.  My best guess is that it is about a 1/2 in.  So that is how I did all of my measurements.

Step 1:  Choose your fabric.  Make sure it is washable, as this WILL get dirty.

Step 2: Wash and iron fabric.  This will reduce any shrinkage after your Mei Tai High Chair is made.
Step 3: Cut fabric.
Here is what you will need.
Chair panel: 1 - 22"x50"
Chair ties: 2 - 6"x38"
Harness: 1 - 19"x30"
Baby ties: 2 - 9"x75"

Make sure to measure your chair to make sure this will fit.  It is VERY easy to add an inch or two to make this perfect for your chair.

Step 4: Make the straps.  You will take your strap pieces and fold them in half the long way (if you are using a patterned piece of fabric make sure the pattern is folded to the inside).

You will then sew them with a 1/2" seam (approx).

Then baste the ends of ONE end of each of the straps.
Then turn the strap so the right side is facing out.

Step 5: Hem the ends of the chair panel.  This is the 22" edge.  What I have done is just folded it twice  as I sewed it.  Some may prefer to use a guide and iron it first.  Both work equally as well.  I did it both ways.  :)  You want to take it up just a bit so the edge is finished.

Step 6: Cut out the "harness" piece.  I am working on a template but for now here is how I did it.  I cut the fabric to the appropriate size.  Then I folded it in half.  From the folded edge I measured five inches in from the bottom and five inches in from the side and drew the lines with a piece of chalk.

So I had a box in each corner.  Then I took a glass and rounded out the edge (again using the chalk).  Then I cut it out.  That made the harness part of the seat.  :)

Step 7:  Sew the edges of the harness.

Then you will want to notch out a few places along the inside of the curve to allow the fabric to lay flat when the project is complete.

Step 8:  Attach straps to harness.  Make sure the right sides are still together and sandwich the straps between the top and bottom layers of the harness.  Don't forget, you basted one edge of your straps make sure that edge is NOT the one you attach to the harness. Like so...

Make sure that you place the straps at the bottom of the edge.  This will allow for a flap to cover the straps when tied to the chair, giving it more security.

Then sew straight up.

Step 9: Then fold the top edge of the harness in about a half an inch and sew it shut.  I sew the top of the harness twice...just looks nice I think.  :)

Step 10: Now it is time to attach the straps to the chair panel.  I fold the chair panel in half (so it will be about the size of the back of your chair) and then I measure about half way up and then pin my straps in between the top and back layer of the chair panel.  Don't forget, you basted one edge of your straps make sure that edge is NOT the one you attach to the chair panel.  Then going from top to bottom I sew the edges shut.

Step 11: At this point you will have two pieces, the chair panel and the harness.  It is time to attach them together.  Lay your chair panel down and find the center on the bottom.  Find the center of your harness.  Lay the centers together and pin.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE ONLY PINING ONE LAYER OF THE CHAIR PANEL.  I usually overlap the harness about half an inch.  First I sew the bottom edge down and then I do a second set of stitching along the overlapped edge for added security.

Step 12:  YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!  This is the last step.  Each of the ends of the straps needs to be finished.  All you have to do it sew across the ends of the strap and you will be done.  :)

GREAT JOB!  Don't forget to take pictures and post them for me.  I can't wait to see what you all create!  Please remember to supervise your child while in this chair.  Kids are sneaky and even when we think they are somewhere safe they can sneak their way out of something and into something else.

God bless!

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