Friday, July 16, 2010

Tomato Update

So after some research (thanks to Laura for helping!) it looks like my tomatoes have Bottom End Rot, how

It happens when there is a calcium deficiency.  It is usually fixed by watering them.  Yeah, go figure.  LOL!  The websites that I checked also said to discard any fruits that have been effected as SOON as you notice it.  So I went out to the tomato plants and pulled off over 2 dozen tomatoes and threw them away.  Now this would be the point where I would love to have a compost pile.  But in my neighborhood that just can't happen.  Grrrrrr.    At any rate, I should be able to save the rest of the crop of tomatoes if I consistently water my plants.  Tomato plants need about an inch of water each week in order to grow properly. 

I hope it works so that I can at least enjoy ONE of my tomatoes. 

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