Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A moment is too long...

...when you have a 2 year old and a blue sharpie pen in the same room.  :(

I had been marking some clothing to give to a friend when the baby started to fuss.  So I set down what I was doing, apparently not thinking, and went to the baby.  I was calming her down and as I turned around to find out what that "weird sound was" I saw him.

He had laid his cars down on the couch, picked up my blue Sharpie and started to draw.  ALL OVER MY COUCH!  Sigh.

My face dropped.  I said his name.  He dropped the marker.  He went to his room.  Sigh.

My couch cushion may never be the same again.

After contemplating what to do and after asking my gal pals from one of my FB groups what to do, I realized that I got rid of many of my fabric cleaning products during our move.  Sigh.  But then I remembered.  I have Rockin' Green!  I use Rockin' Green on EVERYTHING why not this.  I created a paste, grabbed a toothbrush from my stash (I *LOVE* couponing!) and went at it.  After much elbow grease and some good ol' RnG I have a pretty good chance at only having minimal damage to my couch cushion.

So once again it was Rockin' Green to the rescue!!!

<3 Alison

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