Monday, August 15, 2011

Update on us

I can't believe it, I will be sending my first born to kindergarten in one week.  How did she get to be 5 years old (almost six, if you ask her) and ready to head off to school?  It seems like yesterday that I was holding her in the hospital after a long labor.

She is so ready to go to school.  She can't wait to meet her teacher and meet new friends.  One of her friends from church is in her class at school so she is REALLY excited about that.  She has her school bag packed with all of her supplies which we will bring to school on Wednesday afternoon at the open house.  She will get to meet her teacher and find her cubby and place in the classroom.

That same night the ladies from our church will be throwing a baby shower for me and little dragonfly!  I am so excited!  Our church has been fantastic about helping us out after we had the baby.  I am very excited to see everyone and thank them for what they have done to help us out.

After much deliberation, I decided that I would try nursing Dragonfly so that is what I have been doing.  She was starting to exhibit some hidden reflux and has been a very gassy baby.  With that in mind, the doctor's office recommended trying to eliminate wheat.  I have already been eliminating dairy and soy, so we are also now going gluten free.  So far things have been going pretty well for Dragonfly. Each day she seems to cry less and, from what I can tell, reflux less as well.  I hope that making this change in my diet will help her out.  It is one thing for me to eat poorly and such when it only effects me but when it effects one of my babies it is a completely different story.

Bee will start pre-k next month and will attend that 2 mornings a week.  She is REALLY excited.  I can't wait to let her experience the same things that Butterfly got to experience when she went to pre-k.  Bee will be doing 2 years of pre-k, unless at the end of this year we see that she is ready for kindergarten.  Then she would go next year.

I am hoping that once we get into the groove of things I can pick up my sewing and crafting again.  I miss it TONS.  Maybe I will start a wish list of things I want to do!  :D  Wouldn't that be GREAT?!

Off to go get some housework done.  Enjoy your Monday everyone!
<3 Alison

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