Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to normal...for a day.

This week has been CRAZY!  On Saturday Bubby was diagnosed with Pertussis (whooping cough).  So from then on we have been in isolation.  Hubby and the kids all had symptoms, while I, on the other hand, did not.  So I was the only one allowed to leave the house.  We had 5 days of very close family time.  I never knew our house could be so small.  LOL!  None of them were REALLY sick, though.  We all were put on a round of antibiotics to make sure if we were carrying the bacteria that we would kill it and not spread it further. 

Since pertussis is a communicable disease we were contacted by the health department.  I had to tell them everywhere we went, why were were there, how long we were there and if Bubby came into contact with anyone.  Talk about a long phone call.  The week prior to his diagnosis was the busiest week of the school year so far.  Oy!

At any rate, today was the first day we were all allowed to leave the house.  So the kids and I did errands and Butterfly was finally able to return to preschool.  She missed it so much!  I cannot even TELL you how many times she said, "Mommy, today is a school day.  But I can't go because I have the bugs."  Poor thing was so sad.  When I dropped her off at school today she was THRILLED and went right in to her problem. 

I must sign off now, time to get up Bubby and Bee so we can go get Butterfly from school.  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  We are going apple picking so I should have good pics and some fun stories to tell by next week.

<3 Alison

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