Saturday, September 4, 2010

My oh my!

How long it has been!  I have been a busy momma setting up my new shop.  I have been making bows like a crazy woman!  With the Labor Day weekend upon us it seems like the time is already slipping away.   It is already 1:30 on the first day of the weekend, where did the time go??? 

Butterfly has already completed her second week of pre-school and both she and Bee have attended their first week at AWANA.  Bubby is doing great as well.  Walking and jabbering away.  Someday he will talk and we won't be able to keep him quiet. 

Today Hubby is working on his car.  Sadly, this poor car is not going to make it too much longer.  We have had this car since he went to college (a '97 Grand Prix GT) and it has been through a lot.  This week Hubby had to put 2 quarts of oil in it...sigh.  He is trying to put a fix on it so we can limp it along until we can get Bubby off of his formula and onto something else.  Wish us luck!

At any rate that is us right now.  Hopefully I will find time this week to do another update.  For now go check out my Babes in Bows and Beyond blog and etsy site!

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