Monday, September 20, 2010

Just call me the NOT stay at home mom

Last week was FULL of stuff for us to do.  Too full if you ask me.  Every day I thought I had planned less but more and more got put into each day.  I filled the tank of my mini van on Monday night/Tuesday morning (can't remember, go figure!) and by Saturday my low fuel light was back on.  When I normally only use 1 tank every week and half to two weeks, this was a MAJOR week of driving to and fro. 

At the end of our week we took the kids to the zoo to enjoy the fall weather and see some fun animals.  We had some kettle corn and caramel apples too.  It was a fun afternoon.  We then headed to Kroger to get some food for dinner and pick up a few other things.  While we were there I got a phone call from our pediatrician.  Now let me tell you, when you get a phone call from your pediatrician on a Saturday, it is NEVER good news.  I thought she was just checking to see how Bubby's ears and nose seemed to be, since we had been in just the day before that and we were waiting to see if we needed to fill a prescription.  But no.  We had also had a culture taken to test him for pertussis (whooping cough).  And guess what, it came back positive.  So as I stand there frozen in my steps trying to listen to what she is telling me I am racking my brain trying to figure out where Bubby could have picked this up.  We have been EVERYWHERE this week. 

Butterfly, Bee, Bubby, myself and Hubby are all on antibiotics now.  I have upped our vitamin intake and added probiotics in again.  Yesterday the girls and Hubby started feelling icky.  Coughing, sneezing, and just feeling run down.  I held off til last night.  And now today I feel as if a truck has run over me.  I am just feeling run down at this point with a little tickle in my throat.  But man.  This is NO fun.  Thankfully, we did catch this early and we have NOT had to endure the horrendous coughing that normally comes with this awful bug.  But we are keeping a close ear out for it as it can sneak up on you.

So how was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  Let me live vicariously through you!  :D

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