Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet my Creepy Crawly Friend!

Being stuck at home this week with my kiddos I have had more time to cruise some new blogs to me.  I found this fabulous blog via my friend Samantha.  I found this adorable little guy in one of her older posts and HAD to make him.  I made one change that makes this a bit less messy and I LOVE how they turned out.  :)  Here are the original instructions if you would like them.

Here are mine:

Creepy Crawly Spider

black yarn (I used Red Heart)
black pipe cleaners (4 per spider)
googly eyes
pink felt (1 sheet)

fishing line
hot glue

1.  Wrap yarn around 3 fingers.  Get a good amount (about 2 inches) worth on your fingers.

2.  Take yarn off of your fingers and wrap yarn around the center of the 2" so...

3.  Keep wrapping yarn until you have a "ball" type shape.  It might be flat, it might be round, it might be oval...all of which are o.k.  :)  DO NOT CUT THE TAIL!

4. Take 4 pipe cleaners and place them under the "ball" of yarn.  Continue wrapping yarn around the "ball" of yarn and the four pipe cleaners until the pipe cleaners are secure on the bottom of the "ball".

5.  Snip the yarn and tuck it into the bottom of the "ball" of yarn.

6.  Bend the pipe cleaners so they look like spiders legs.

7.  Using your hot glue gun place two small dots of glue on the front of the spider and place googly eyes on top of the glue dots.  Remember, the glue WILL be HOT!

8.  Cut a small smile shape out of the pink felt.

9.  Using your hot glue gun place a small line of glue where the mouth should be on your spider.  Then place the smile-y on your spider.

10. Take the fishing line and tie it to the top of a couple pieces of the yarn on the top of the spider.  Cut it at the length you want the spider to hang.

11.  ENJOY!  :D

Hope you like how these little guys turn out.  My kids LOVE them!
<3 Alison

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  1. SUPER cute!! I think I'm going to have to stop at Michaels tomorrow and get some stuff :) thanks to you and Sam for sharing that site and your directions!