Monday, June 27, 2011

Announcing the arrival of ...

Delaynie Elizabeth!

Delaynie was born on June 25th at 9:22am.  She was 7lbs 5oz and 20 inches long.  

She is a beautiful little girl and we feel so blessed that God has given her to us.  

Here is her birth story...

Friday was a normal day.  A day with contractions, which had been there for at least a week prior, but no real concern from me to get to the hospital.  All the other contractions I had been feeling hadn't been doing anything so I wasn't too worried.  The girls were at my parents house and Bubby was the only little person here.  

We went to the grocery store to find something for dinner.  While we were looking for dinner I had a couple of strong contractions but thought nothing of it because of the other contractions I had been getting that week.  We picked up dinner, came home, made it, and ate.  While we were eating I started to get more strong contractions.  They got to the point I had to get up from the table and walk around to deal with the pain.  I quickly realized that this could be "it".  So I started gathering things so that if we did go in, that someone could easily come take care of Bubby.  

I wanted to make sure that the contractions weren't going to go away so Hubby, Bubby and I took a short walk.  During this walk the contractions were 2 to 3 minutes apart and lasting about a minute long. I knew we needed to get going.  Hubby made a few phone calls and we found someone to come look after Bubby until Hubby's parents could get here.  

Hubby and I left for the hospital and made pretty good time (I later found out how fast we were going...oy...good thing I didn't know!).  I was still getting strong, regular contractions as we entered the hospital.  The receptionist at the ER desk quickly let us go up to labor and delivery without doing any paperwork.  After I got settled upstairs Hubby went and did all the paper work for me.  

From the time I was admitted until about midnight my contractions started to space out and get less intense.  By this point, I was a mess.  I was crying because I knew they were going to send me home.  I just knew it.  Thank goodness for my wonderful Hubby who was my support through the whole thing.  He walked around the L&D floor with me at record pace (for a preggo lady!).  At some point I let Hubby take a nap and I just waited.  Around 2am the doctor came back in.  He checked me...I KNEW I had to have made some progress...but it was very little.  So he presented me with 2 options.  He could either sedate me or he could break my water.  I bet you will never guess what I asked him to break my water.  :)

After he broke my water he kept watching the monitor and noticed some decels from Baby D.  So I had to be internally monitored from then on.  He also had to start pitocin very soon after because even though he broke my water my contractions did not pick back up.  I lasted about 2 hours before I needed my epidural.  By 4am I was ready for the epi and was very glad for some relief.  I was then able to rest for a couple of hours before things started to get moving.  

At about 7:30 they came in and checked me again...I was a 6!  YAY!  I was thinning out and baby was dropping again.  Over the next two hours (roughly) I was able to feel more of the contractions (which I wanted as I got closer to delivery time) and could feel baby making her way.  The nurse kept checking me to make sure that she called the Dr in time.  By about 9am, I was ready and so was baby.  

As I started pushing the Dr said something that concerned me.  He said something like, she is posterior.  So, being a mom who had heard the term but didn't comprehend it (I was in labor after I asked, "What does that mean?!"  The doc said, "She is sunny-side up."  OY...soooo not what I wanted to hear. But being the good girl she was during the next couple of contractions she began to turn into the proper birthing position...nothing like waiting until the last minute.  After she got into position, it was only a few minutes until she was born.  I remember waiting for the Dr to lay her on my belly and it seemed to take forever!  But he was clamping the cord and waiting for Hubby to cut the cord.  

Once I had baby on my belly I knew everything went just fine.  She was such a little peanut!  She squeeked a bit but she didn't really cry...but you could tell she was just fine.  When they took her off of my belly was when she started to  She didn't want to leave her mommy.  :)  

My recovery is going well.  Baby D is doing well.  We do have to go into the hospital tomorrow to do a billi level check.  She is looking a little yellow-y so they just want to make sure the levels are going down and not up.  

We hope to have all of the kids back in the house (with help of course) by the end of the week.  My sister is coming to help for a few days at the end of the week/beginning of next week.  I plan to just take care of me and the baby and let her take care of most everything else.  :)

Well, if you made it this long you deserve a cookie (or!).  I have to say that this birth experience was my favorite of all of my kids.  The hospital staff was great, the nurses were fabulous and the doctors very helpful.  I can't imagine a better experience for me and Baby D.  

<3 Alison


  1. Read it all, enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks for sharing! So happy for you all! Hugs from Ohio!