Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new "room" in our basement!

Yesterday my parents came down for a visit.  We decided that it was time to create a "play area" for my kiddos.  Since we moved into our house the kids have been playing in their rooms (which are right off of the living room) and the mess all too frequently has been spilling into the "grown up" space.  So, we created a space for the kids to play in the basement.

We have an unfinished basement, so a worry that we had was that the kids would poke holes in the plastic which is on the walls holding the insulation in.  Problem fixed with cardboard (which we still had plenty of from the move) and tape.  The next problem was the floor...plain old cement, cold and VERY hard.  Whoever built this house left 3 rolls of carpet padding in the garage and so that made a nice base.  My dad also had picked up some carpet remnants along the way and we put that on top of the padding.  Perfect solution for a little play area for the kiddos.

We started digging through the boxes and such to figure out what toys were in what boxes and we could bring into the newly created area.  We found the kitchen, the drawers that had all the little toys in it and the kitchen pieces, as well as a little couch and the drawing table and chairs.  We showed the kids the play area last night and they are thrilled with it!  I have a feeling that I won't be seeing much of them today again.  :)

With any luck I can get some action shots of the kids playing in it today and will post them another day.

Happy Thursday!
<3 Alison

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