Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Do Bags!

Well, since I haven't had the baby yet I thought I would put this post together.

As my kids get older I find that having little bags of things to do while I am nursing the baby is key.  A friend of mine a couple children ago either gave us a bag or gave me the idea...I can't remember at this point.  But I think that is part of what I am going to work on today.

The goal of the bag is to have a few things that the kids can do BY THEMSELVES while I nurse the baby in the beginning days of being a family of 6 (or whatever your family size is).  I have three ages that I need to account for with our bags.  An almost  6 year old, an almost 4 year old and an almost 2 year old.  Here is what I am thinking for each of their bags.

Almost 6 year old (girl):
~ early reader books (she can read them to herself and her siblings!)
~ crayons
~ blank paper
~ coloring book
~ princess/Barbie type toys

Almost 4 year old (girl):
~ coloring book
~ crayons
~ blank paper
~ Polly Pocket type toys

Almost 2 year old (boy):
~ cars
~ small "tools" (ie: Hammer, Screwdriver, etc)
~ play cell phone
~ board books
~ mini magna doodle

Thankfully we still haven't unpacked most of the toy boxes from the move so I can just go raid those to find things to put in the bags.  It will all look new to them!  :D

Have you done this for your kids?  Has some one done this for you?  What did you think?  Is there anything else I should add to the bags?

<3 Alison

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