Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not much to blog about

In the last week we haven't really done anything to blog about.
I started my seeds for my garden (cucumber, lettuce, zucchini, squash and some herbs).  I also planted a couple of packets of flowers for the girls. 

Overall I have been cleaning and reorganizing the house and garage.  On Sunday we cleaned out the garage finding that I MIGHT have a small crafting problem.  We found a LARGE bin (you know the really big ones that have wheels) full of crafting supplies as well as a regular storage tub and a box.  Sigh, needless to say I donated most of that since I didn't even know I was missing it.  I also got rid of a bunch more of the girls' clothes to a good friend.  And the clothes she didn't take will go to another friend who is going to be having a little girl in the next few weeks. 

We took a good size load to the recycling area by a local grocery store as well.  Lots of broken down boxes, plastic bags and plastic water bottles were found in the garage.  So now we have an organized garage again...at least for the next year. 

Today I am going to tackle Bubby's room.  Since he hasn't been sleeping in there it has become the catch all room again.  So I am going to dive in today and get it organzied...get the clothes put away (either in storage bins or in drawers, depending on size), get the crib taken down (since we are going to be using it as a guest room in a week or so) so that we can fit a twin size bed in there, and just get it spruced up a bit. 

That is the my life right now, getting stuff organized.  :)  Wish me luck!

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