Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rockin' the Soak!

I am so excited about this product.  It is called Rockin' Green soap.
I have heard so many good things about it (specifically for cloth dipes, but also regular laundry too) and wanted to try it.  So I ordered a few samples.  I just recieved them in the mail (let me tell you I have the BEST smelling mail box EVER and immediately got to work on my dipes.

I soaked them for 30 min in the rockin green and then did my normal cycle of laundering them (hot/cold wash with a second rinse).  Then I did it a second time (just for good  After the first time I smell a microfiber insert.  Now if you are a pocket diaper-er you will know that you don't just go around sniffing your cloth insert, cuz well, frankly, they never smell like they did when they were new.  But I stuck my nose IN the dipe.  And I didn't want to remove my nose from my face!  I could still smell a bit of lingering smell so that is why I decided to try again.  If, when they are dry, I feel they need more I will do a "super soak" and let them soak over night.

I really hope that this helps alleviate the stinky problem we have with our dipes.   I also hope it helps with the rashes Corbin will get from his overnight dipes.

I just set them out to dry (cuz it is sooo nice I don't have to use the dryer) and they even FEEL different.  They are softer!  I am already impressed and they aren't even dry yet!

So, last night I "super soaked" them.  They are outside finishing drying and they smell amazing.  There isn't even a hint of that microfiber funk in them.  I am so excited.  Here are some pics of my Rockin' journey.  :)

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