Monday, May 17, 2010

I may have alluded to this in the past but just for the record...I cloth diaper.  :)

I LOVE cloth diapering.  I CD'd Bee when she was a baby and I am now CDing Bubby. 

Here is a quick run down of some different kinds of diapers that are out there.

Prefolds - also commonly used as a burp cloth
Contours - like a fitted without the elastic
Fitteds - diaper shaped with elastic at back and legs, usually has snaps/velcro
Covers - a waterproof barrier that goes over the fitted/prefold/contour diaper.
Pockets - a waterproof diaper that has a pocket where an insert (prefold that is folded in thrids or microfiber insert) is placed to absorb waste.
All in Ones/Twos (AIO/AI2) - a waterproof diaper that has the insert sewn into it.  Once it is soiled it is changed just like a regular diaper.

This is just a short list with a minimal description of the diapers.

Many of my mommy friends also cloth diaper their kids.  It is a great little community.  If we have a problem with our dipes (stains, stinkies, what have you) we can all chat about what has worked for us and what hasn't.  We can discuss what brands we like, what styles of dipes we are using and the new fads. 

I am a fitted and cover lover.  :)  I love how they work.  Unfortunately, Bubby just outgrew all the fitteds/covers we have.  So I am in the process of selling those to get more in the next size up.  He is growing so much faster than the girls.  Bee didn't ever need anything bigger than what we have now...and Bubby is already needing more at 9 months.  :D

I also love pocket diapers.  They are great for leaving with the sitter, nursery worker, or Dad.  They are just like putting on a sposie diaper but instead of tossing it in the trash you toss it in the wash. 

There are many ways to wash your dipes.  Some use soap nuts, other use regular detergent, yet others use dye free perfume free detergents, and still others use things like Rockin' Green, Crunchy Clean or the like.  I have used several of these methods but my favorite thus far is the Rockin' Green.  They have FABULOUS scents and several different formulas.

I am currently using their classic formula.  I love it.  It has taken all of those microfiber stinkies away.  My son, who has sensitive skin, does NOT react to this detergent!  I AM AMAZED.  You can take a look at a previous post to see what I have done with Rockin' Green.  Today, I soaked my kids' lovies in Rockin' Green and this is what came out of the CLEAN blankets! 

You can already see the yuck coming out of the blankets..and the water was still filling the tub.

This last pic is right before I tossed them in the washing machine to get clean, clean, clean. 
Gross, huh?!

I am now using up what is left of my regular detergent and switching ALL of our laundry over to Rockin' Green.  I am very impressed with this product.

At any rate, these are my two cents on cloth diapers.  If you have any questions, post them and I will do my best to answer them.  :)

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