Monday, May 3, 2010

Women of Faith

What a fantastic weekend!  My mom, mother in law and sister came in from Minnesota and Wisconsin to share the experience with me.  We had a fabulous time listening to speakers, rockin' out to some music and having an overall fantastic time together.

Friday morning was the beginning of the conference.  We listened to Patsy Clairmont and Andy Andrews during the day.  What a fabulous way to start it off.  With Patsy's vivaciousness and Andy's entertaining antics we had at great day.  After the day sessions we got settled in our hotel and went to Ted's Montana Grill for dinner.  Let me tell you, those bison burgers are purely AMAZING!  I will definitely be going back there.  Then we had our evening session.  Lisa Welchel and we had a WONDERFUL concert with Mandisa (former American Idol contestant).

The next morning we started it off bright and early and ready for the day.  We stopped by Starbucks for breakfast and had one of my best friends join us for the day.  We heard Sandi Patty, Marilynn Meberg, Anita Renfroe, and fabulous drama by Nicole Johnson.  We also had the opportunity to hear Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth.  It was, as her husband said, her world premiere in speaking.  She told us she had three thing she said she would never do, homeschool, adopt, or speak in public.  And now that she is speaking in public she will be homeschooling her adoptive children.  :)  She spoke about how God has used the tragedy in their lives to help others.  She was a VERY moving speaker.  I hope that she continues to speak as I would love to hear her again.

One of the things I took away from this weekend was on friendships.  Lisa Welchel spoke on how to choose the right friends, how to be a good friend and what a healthy relationship looks like.  It spoke to me on many different levels.

I cannot tell you how amazing it was to have all of these fabulous speakers in one venue.  To have the opportunity to grow closer to God and my family.  This is a weekend that I will never forget.  I thank my family so much for coming and sharing this event with me.

Oh and I also learned that I am a canary and a "hooker".  ;)  More on those later!

Here are a few pictures of what our weekend was like:

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