Thursday, February 17, 2011

Being Productive

It is hard to be productive when Bee and Bubby aren't feeling well but add on top of that that Hubby is gone for the week and I don't feel well either and it is REALLY hard to be productive.  Part of my motivation today is that my dad is coming over.  He is going to help do some small things in the house.  I am hoping to have the dishes done and the kitchen swept before he gets here.

On the agenda for today is hanging my spice racks and reorganizing my cupboards.  I don't like how they are currently set up so it needs to change.  I didn't get to it yesterday so today it must get done.  I need to get my groceries put away and organized!

With any luck I can finish the laundry and put it away as well.  I wish Bee's dresser would come in already.  It has been 2 weeks and I badly want to put her things in her dresser like I have been with Butterfly.  Cross your fingers it comes in today and they can deliver it as well.

Hopefully I will have pictures for you all tomorrow to show you all what I have gotten accomplished.

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