Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun week planned

I can't wait to get started on all the new things this week.  My Dad, a friend of his, my father in law and Hubby will be working on the house this week.  Hubby will be working with them tomorrow and then he has to go out of town on business but he will be back on Friday for our move in date! 
The rest of the week we will be filling cracks, re-texturing, re-painting and cleaning to get the house in move in condition (or close to it) by Friday.  Our moving truck is scheduled to come in on Friday, so pray for good  :)
I am going to prepare meals for the guys to eat so they don't have to spend the time and money to go out to eat.  I hope I can think of enough crock-pot style meals for the week!  My aunt has graciously offered to provide a meal or two for us for Move In Day on Friday and that will be a HUGE help. 
I will try and post pictures of the work in progress but that means I have to remember to bring my parents camera since the cord to mine is MIA...or in storage...either way, it is inaccessible.  Oops!  :)
I can't wait to get things set up in the new house.  I am now going to have my very own crafting area!!!!  YAY!  I won't have to take things out, work on stuff and put it away.  It can all stay out from now on!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!
Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!
<3 Alison

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