Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Last Day of January!

I don't know about you but I am (and never have been) a big fan of January.  It is always cold and windy and just plain yucky.  So I am happy that February is just "one sleep" away.  So let's review...what have we done in January.
Dec 28th (ok I went back a few more days): we bought our first house
Jan 1-7: started making repairs on said "new" house
Jan 7: Moving truck came and dropped off our stuff...well most of it...more on that later
Jan 8-present: Continued fixing things in the house, added a water softener and RO system, unpacked many boxes, got Kitchen and Corbin's room completely done!
Jan 10: Announced that Baby Vogel #4 is on the way

Overall, January has been a very busy month.  I am very happy to have it done with and anticipate February to be just as busy.  I mentioned that we got most of our stuff.  We found that after the moving truck left that we did not receive a few things that are especially important to Hubby.  His tool box with all of his tools and his drill did not make it.  These were very nice and we suspect that someone else thought so too.  We are now going through the claims process to see if we can recover the cost to replace these items.

February is already starting to sound busy.  This coming weekend my mom and mother in law are taking me shopping for my birthday!  YAY!  Then on the 19th Hubby and I are planning on heading to Sioux Falls to go to a baby shower for his cousin and his cousin's wife.  It is their first and I am super excited for them.  Oh and they are cloth diapering too!!!  YAY!  We also throw Hubby's birthday, my niece's birthday, Valentine's Day, and my birthday in the mix and that makes for one full month.  I hope we have time for it all!

How was your January?  Did it treat you well?  Were you stuck inside most of the month?  Tell me about it!
<3 Alison

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