Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Progress is slow at the house.  Yesterday we got the snow out of the attic and the door knobs switched on 2 of the 3 doors.  They also got the master bedroom closet un-taped so they can start re-taping it today I think.  Then they will work on putting the texture back on and then repainting.  Hopefully they will have the majority of it done soon. 
Hubby left for his first business trip with his new company today.  Oddly, he went back to the state we just moved from!  I contemplated going back with him and visiting with old friends but the timing wasn't good.  So I am here with the kids at my parents.  My Dad is at my house working.  I feel like this is a little bit of fruit basket upset...lol.  :)
With our new house our kitchen has a large entry from the hallway/bedrooms and I am wanting a gate for it so I can keep the kids out of it so I can work and not worry about anyone getting hurt.  Do you have any recommendations? 
That is all for today.  Hope you are all doing well.


  1. we tried to find a gate like that forever and never did...if you find something, please share!!

  2. I saw your message just now, but I will respond here so other can enjoy the wealth :) We have a retract a gate, and LOVE it, not very obnoxious either :) Comes in 2 sizes (we have the smaller one) and also comes with a nice price tag(haha... that was a joke) IMHO it is worth it, and if we ever need another gate for a main living area we will be buying a second :)

  3. Thanks so much for posting that link Amy! I will be going to measure my doorway today to see if it will work! :)