Monday, January 24, 2011

Much needed picture post!

Well, it is about time I add some pictures to this blog.  :)
Many of you have been asking for them and I apologize it took me this long to get them out there.  You will have to disregard the boxes and messes as this is still a work in progress.  But alas you will get your first peek at what our house now looks like. 

First off we have the kitchen.  The main part of the kitchen is Lemon Souffle.  The back part and the connecting hallway are Artichoke Heart green, as is the main hallway and the kids' bathroom. 

Corbin's room (the one I posted on FB about, ya know, radioactive green) turned out like this after adding some accent colors.  I now LOVE it.  :D

This is the girls' room.  It is a Disney color and the kids love it! 

This is the living room.  A basic tan/brown. 

Our bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet are all the same color as the living room with the exception of the back wall which gives the room a whole different feel.  I have always wanted a chocolate colored accent wall!  :)
And just because he was sitting in his chair going, "eeeeeze!" (aka: Cheese!) I snapped a cute pic of Bubby.  :)

So there is an updated bunch of pics of our house.  Hoping that this week I can get more into place and can show you all at least 2 finished rooms by next Monday.  :) Wish me luck!!!  :D

<3 Alison


  1. Good luck! Everything looks great (especially the kitchen table and chairs, haha)! What a lot of work, and so totally worth it in the end! Good job! :)