Monday, August 23, 2010

They grow up too fast!

Today is my last day with all three of my children in my care full time.  My baby girl has grown up.  She is going to pre-school tomorrow.  Four days a week from 12:45-3:15 she will be at school.  I am so excited for her.  She is going to a wonderful preschool and is going to learn a lot and have tons of fun.  I am going to get a chance to spend time with my younger two as well!  This is going to be great. 

Even with all of these advantages in mind I am still sitting here wondering what it is going to be like to not be apart of my little girls every waking moment.  Up until this point I have been the primary care provider for her.  I am mom, if something goes wrong, she comes to me.  If she needs a drink, she comes to me.  But now, she won't always come to me.  She will go to her teacher.  She will go to the aid in the classroom. 

We thought about homeschooling Butterfly.  But when this opportunity came up for her we thought that perhaps this would be a good experience for all.  Just because she is going to preschool doesn't mean she can't still learn from home.  I will continue our Bible lessons and reading as well as what she is given at school.  Tomorrow there is sure to be many pictures taken and probably a few tears shed, most likely from me.  I think that the younger two and I will go and do something special tomorrow afternoon to take my mind off of the big change that is ahead. 

I love you so much Butterfly!  You are my best Butterfly ever. 
XOXO ~ Mommy

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