Monday, May 16, 2011

I need to keep busy this week...

So I better get on with it!  Hubby just left for the week.  He is heading out of the country and that makes me nervous.  So, in order to keep my sanity this week I need to keep busy.  I am hoping for a couple of nice days so that the kids and I can check out a couple of local parks.  My sister will be here on Thursday so I just need to make it until then without another adult in the house.  I can do this!  :D

I think part of this week I will be working on planning Bee's birthday party, she turns 4 this year!  She has decided that a Sweet Shoppe would be a fun theme.  We can have little jars of candy that people can fill their own goody bags with candies.  I can make cupcakes (one of my favorite things to make!) and we can have ice cream sundaes.  This theme is RIGHT up Bee's alley.  :)

Then I have a couple of quilts I need to work on, so that should fill up my evenings after the kiddos go to bed.  Maybe I can even get Baby D's receiving blankets sewn up!  That would be fabulous.

So what do you all have planned this week?  Maybe I can keep busy by reading what you are all doing!

I will keep you all updated on what I get done this week and hopefully have some pictures to go along with the updates.  :)

<3 Alison

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