Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little bit of this and a little bit of that...

The last few days have been beautiful!  The days are sunny and bright with the rain in the evening/mornings.  We have been to the zoo twice this week and outside every day.  I love it when the weather looks up.  The kids have enjoyed being outside as much as I have.  We have been riding bikes and playing with chalk.  Going for walks and finding treasures (aka: rocks, sticks and leaves). 

I am planning to start the girls' Easter dresses this weekend.  Then I will attempt a collared and buttoned shirt for Corbin. 

I have also made plans to make I Spy bags (don't worry, when I get to them I will put up a tutorial).  We plan to go on a long trip back to Minnesota this summer and the I Spy bags are going to help us on that long car ride.  The gist of an I Spy bag is you put random objects in a bag and fill it with plastic pellets or rice.  Then you have a list of the objects and the kids need to find the objects by moving the pellets/rice around.

I have always had trouble with making No Bake cookies.  Well, a friend of mine said she had a recipe that would work.  After balking at the idea for a while I took the plunge and tried them yesterday.  To my amazement they actually worked!  I still can't believe it.  They are just like they should be. 

See I told you it was a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  :D

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