Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday.  We had a wonderful sermon about the surprises that people may have heard/encountered during this holy week. 

During Sunday school my kids made Resurrection Eggs.  There are 12 eggs that each have a part of the Easter story in them, along with a list of what each egg holds and means and the scripture where the story is found.  The girls have been playing with them since we got home.  I think they know the story by heart.  :)

They also received the traditional palm branches today as well.  My two year old promptly took all the leaves off of it.  So my four year old followed suit.  My husband then told them they had "whipping sticks" (along with the don't hit each other with them speech).  My two year old then proceeded to tell us that, "They hit Jesus with the whipping sticks.  They are naughty.  That is not nice."  If you know my two year old you would know that she was VERY passionate about this statement and crossed her arms to let us know this was serious business.  As cute as it was, it is true. 

I sit here in wonder listening to my four year old telling the story to the two year old over and over and over again. 

Happy Palm Sunday everyone!

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