Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When sleep evades...

What do you do?

I drank coffee much to late in the evening last night.  I guess after a certain point I need to switch to decaf.  It has never affected me that much in the past but perhaps after having 3 children my body chemistry has changed.

So, last night I decided not to let myself be idle since I was up.  So I cleaned my house.  Living room looks great and so does the bathroom.  Kitchen is getting there.  I have a counter to clean and some dishes to do yet but then we are golden in that room too.

As I was doing this I was wondering what kind of products other people use.  I have my routine in my cleaning and certain products that I swear buy but there are always a few that I am not quite as pleased with.  They don't quite perform as I would have hoped.  I don't want to go out and buy a whole second set of cleaners that I may or may not like, so I thought I would ask you!

What kinds of cleaning products do you use?  Why do you like them?  Are there any that you have tried that you do not like?  Why?


  1. Hi Alison! First I just wanted to comment on the coffee...I was just the same: not affected by it until after I had kids. But I just wanted to tell you that I can finally drink coffee any time of day or night without the caffeine affecting me like that...but it took until Sam was about 3 before it seems I got back to normal. :-)

    As for cleaners....MAGIC ERASER! It really does get stuff off that nothing else seems to touch. My only complaint is that they don't list what is actually in the thing. It seems harmless but anything that works that well has got to have some kind of chemical. I did read that you shouldn't let kids use them. My second favorite cleaning product is the Windex anywhere stuff (I don't remember the exact name) because I can wipe the front of the tv, and do the windows, and then dust the furniture without changing products :) It works well getting crayon off of glass too! My third favorite is probably Lysol wipes. Disinfects without bleach, and the cloth is strong enough that you can rinse it and keep using it for awhile...although I'm sure the disinfectant gets rinsed out too. So, kind of wordy, but there you go! Oh, and NEVER use TILEX. That stuff will eat your lungs!

    Love ya! :)

  2. We tend to buy the slightly pricier natural stuff, while it is on WAAAAY sale. I like pretty much everything I have tried from biokleen, the toilet scrubber works great on tubs and counters with tough stains. We also have lots of seventh generation, and surprisingly you can pick that up at big lots pretty often. The floors get the shark steam mop to them. And when all else fails, there is the magic eraser!