Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring! I love it!

I grew up in southwestern Minnesota.  Minnesota doesn't really have spring per say.  It has winter (and lots of it) and hot, humid summer.  Fall and spring totally get lost.
Since I moved out here for college I have found that I am TOTALLY in love with spring and fall.  As a mom I especially love these seasons.  There are so many things for my kids to learn about.  I can send them outside to play in the sandbox, play with chalk, play in the dirt.  They love to dig in the dirt and find things...worms, rocks, sticks, you get the idea.
I hope that this year I can have them "help" me with planting a few things.  Perhaps some flowers or some veggies.  We only have a small area that we can plant things in but I look forward to these memories with my kids.  Today seems like it is going to be another FABULOUS day, so we will likely spend much of it outdoors.
I hope to find some good homemade recipes for chalk, bubbles, and many outdoor fun things.  When I find a good one I will be sure to share it all with you.
Enjoy this wonderful spring day!

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