Saturday, March 13, 2010

Painting and Pasta

Today was a rainy, dreary day.  So I had to think quick to occupy the kids.  The baby was easy, food, toys, sleep, done.  :)  The girls were just about as easy as well.  Earlier in the week we had gone to JoAnn's and did a little rainy day shopping.  They had mini plaster figurines that you could paint (2 for $1) so I bought several packs of those.

This occupied the girls (that and painting on construction paper) for almost the whole afternoon.  Here are a few pictures of that.

And just for good measure a cute pic of my little guy...

I tried a new recipe (from my head) for macaroni and cheese tonight.  It turned out REALLY well.  :)  Three different kinds of cheese, sausage and green beans.  I will post the recipe soon, with pics.

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  1. Wonderful and entertaining blog Alison! Thanks for sharing your creativity, high energy, and life with us all! I love the pics! Your camera must be pretty nice!
    I look forward to visiting here often!