Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Down to the wire

As I look forward into the next couple of months I realize how down to the wire we are.  I start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks now.  On top of that I am getting dental work done in the month of May so I will be seeing the inside of a doctors office more often that I would like to admit now, lol!  And then after I get all of that done we will be in June.  June means CRUNCH TIME!

At this point I have between 8 and 11 weeks before I deliver.  The 11 week mark is my actual due date but the 8 week mark is about when I had the girls and Bubby was right in between.  I can't believe that the end is this close!  It also makes me realize how much I have left to do before baby D is born.

~I need to get our bedroom ready, as it will be her bedroom too for a while.
~I need to figure out if we are going to try nursing again or if I am going to go straight to formula with her.  ~I need to get meals prepped and frozen for us.
~I need to find childcare for our kids so when I go into labor that my kids have somewhere to go before my parents or Hubby's family can get down here.
~I need to find baby clothes for her, we have lots in the bigger sizes (say 3 months plus) but my kids stayed in premie/newborn sizes forever and I have very few things in those sizes.

There is so much to do right now but I know that with my Hubby's help that we can get it done.

This weekend we are getting dirt from Hubby's dad for our 4 raised bed gardens.  Oh that reminds me, we are also planting 4 raised bed gardens this  I have my seedlings started in the basement and it is about time to transplant them into their peet pots...perhaps I will do that this week.  :)  I feel another blog post coming on!  :)

Maybe today I will chop up some ham and make some more potato soup (since the dog helped herself to our leftovers last night) and whip up some taco meat to freeze as well.  That would be a pretty easy thing for me to do today.  And since my niece is visiting she can help me with the kids so that I can get a few more things done.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!
<3 Alison

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  1. Hey lady, remember to make your freezer foods allergy free if you are nursing and want to eat them :) And I understand the formula delima, whatever choice you make will be the perfect one for your family!