Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today is Egg Day in our house!  :)

I hard boiled 18 eggs yesterday and set them in the refrigerator until I could get to them.  Today sounds like a good day to do it so we dyed eggs today.  :)  YAY!
Here are a couple pics of that.  :)

I ventured out to make Hidden Surprise Easter Eggs but they didn't turn out that way.  I ended up with Egg Shaped Treats instead.  I think I should have used a BIGGER egg than what I had on hand.  You live and learn right?  They are still cute and still quite tasty.  The girls like the little chocolate surprise of an M&M on the outside.  :)  Do note that you MUST work quickly or the rice krispie mixture will harden on you!
Here is the link to the recipe.

After all that is done I will be making a Bunny Cake.  I baked the cake while the kids watched some PBS and then after they go to bed I will decorate it.  I can't wait to get started on that project!  I will be chilling the cake tonight so tomorrow I will be able to frost and decorate the cake for our Easter lunch/dinner on Saturday.  :)  Yipee!
I am using my Classic White Cake Recipe from  This is where you can find the recipe.  I have used this white cake recipe for almost all the other white cakes I have posted here on the blog.  :)

I have lots of family coming in starting tomorrow so I am not sure if I will be posting the Bunny Cake tomorrow or if I will post it on Monday.  It all depends on how fast they get here.  :)  Here's to hoping their drive is short and eventless.  :)

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