Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Baskets

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my kids' Easter baskets this year.  I am tired of buying candy that they want to eat but I don't want them to.  I am tired of that fight completely.  So I am not going to do much candy at all this year.  Maybe a small chocolate bunny or a Cadbury egg and a few eggs full of jelly beans but that is it.  The rest of the basket is going to be useful things...and things I can make at home to boot!  :)

This year our kids are getting chalk, bubbles, play dough, jelly bean filled eggs (3 or 4), one piece of chocolate, and a toy/bracelet.

I am also very tired of buying Easter baskets year after year only to find in a week the kids have destroyed them.  So this year I am going to do one of two things.  Either using a toy that the kids have already as a "basket" or I am going to make one out of a paper bag.  Since I am a scrapbooker it wouldn't be hard to look in my stash of supplies to decorate a few Easter "bags".  Time will tell what I will probably depend on how much I

I am going to be making some treats for our Easter dinner as well.  :)  I made the bird's nest cookies last week (or so?) and froze them.  I am also going to be making some egg shaped rice krispie treats with M&M's in them as an added surprise.  I am super excited about them and will post about them when I am finished.

So what are your Easter plans for Easter baskets?  Are you tired of the candy?  What are your thoughts?

Have a good Monday!


  1. Nathan will not be getting any candy since he is way to small. But he is getting some "baby" snacks. He is also getting a hand made stuffed bear(not mad by me,lol) some weebles,some bath toys and some sunglasses and a few other small things. Elayna is getting some jelly beans,a easter pez dispenser,some play doh, a hand made stuffed bear and a few movies. I am over the little cruddy $1 store stuff I throw away after a few days and candy that she isn't really allowed to eat much of anyways

  2. I think all your ideas are wonderful Alison! Neither of my kids really loved candy(oddly enough) when they were young, and I almost always ended up throwing it out after several months. I usually got them one chocolate bunny, and a few jelly beans and then some home made treats- which they seemed to like more than anything- I usually included a video for them to watch- either a favorite movie(one year it was lion witch and the wardrobe, for example) OR, when they were younger, some PBS special or one of those disney song videos.

  3. One year we did an Easter Basket almost entirely of craft supplies from the dollar store - pom poms, pipe cleaners, foamies, pencils, markers, construction paper etc...
    Love your ideas too!