Thursday, April 14, 2011

My first couponing trip!

Last night Hubby helped me prepare for my very first couponing trip.  I was just going to go and stop at a store or two and be done.  But when I found how many coupons I had that matched up with sales on things that we needed in the house, I couldn't resist making this a 5 store shopping trip.  

Our first stop was at Wal-Mart.  They had Silk Coconut and Almond milk for the cheapest price and I had a coupon for $1 off.  So I got 2 Coconut milks and 2 Almond milks.  So Bubby and I have milk for a while.  The best part about those kinds of milks is that as long as you don't open it they stay good for a long time.  Once you open it you have 7-10 days to drink it or it will spoil.  These bottles don't expire until the end of May!  So I am pretty pumped.  :)

We then popped over to Fareway, a local grocery chain.  They had Fuze on sale for 88 cents.  I had a coupon for $1 off/2 drinks.  So that made each bottle of Fuze around $0.38!  YAY!  I also picked up some Rhodes dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls.  After my coupon they were around 1.99 each.

Our third stop was to Hy-Vee, another local grocery chain.  I ended up getting 12 boxes of cereal, 2 gallons of milk and 4 Keebler pie crusts for only $27.52!  YEAH!  I am still shocked to see that I got that much cereal!

The fourth and final stop was at Walgreen's.  I purchased 24 Snickers eggs and 8 boxes of Hefty One Zip baggies (4 quart size and 4 gallon size) for...wait for it...only $11.60!!!!  

I figured out that I could have spent $120.20 on my purchases today...but I only spent $66.04!  YAY!!!!!

I am so excited that I finally started couponing.  I can't wait to really get this figured out so that I can keep saving this way.  I had NO idea that I could do this and be THIS successful.  I was hoping for maybe 25% savings.  But being this close to 50% savings gives me hope that if I am diligent with my coupons and matching up with the sales that I can be a successful couponer.  :)



  1. Isn't it awesome? I just blogged about my trips to CVS this week and a trip to target last week that saved us a ton of money on stuff we use and needed! It's addicting, but definitely takes some time to get it all figured out. Bless your heart for going out and snagging great deals with your kiddos in tow!

  2. love it!! Are you freezing any of the milks"

    (and we have a Bubby, too! Jarrett (5) has always been Bubba, Bub, Bubzy, Bubby...)


  3. We got thru the coconut and almond milk so fast we don't need to freeze it. Both Buby and I drink those. We did, however, freeze about 2 gallons of 1% milk and are just pulled that out yesterday (it is now thawed...TAKES FOREVER to thaw).

    Our Bubby is 21 months. :)