Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not much to post...

So sorry this week has been such a slow week.  I really  have meant to post but I just haven't felt like it.  On Monday I went into the Dr to get my head checked (ok my sinuses...not my mental and it turns out I have a sinus infection AND and ear infection.  So I have been feeling pretty run down.  I am on an antibiotic since it had been so long battling it.  But I am just exhausted still.  So the things I plan to do just haven't been happening.

Last night I made a turkey for dinner and ended up getting 10 cups of chopped turkey off of it after we ate dinner.  I will be able to make some turkey tetrazzinis and turkey pot pies with that to stick in my freezer stash.  My Father in Law also brought over some ground beef for me that I can use to make some taco meat, sloppy joe meat and some p'sghetti and meatballs for my stash as well.

As I get my recipes in line I will start posting them so that you all can see what I have done and use the recipes if you would like.  I will try and include a standard instruction as well as how to freeze and then re-heat.

Well that is about it for now, off to go get my family some dinner and then off to church.  And hopefully an early bedtime for me.

<3 Alison

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