Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My coupon binder!

Who knew that one day I would write an entire post on my coupon!  But since I have been asked on more than one occasion in the last week about my coupon binder I thought I would do a post on it and let you peek into my binder.  :)

First things first...I did not come up with these nifty dividers on my  Someone sent me over to and I found the pages there and printed them all off.  There are some 40 pages to print but totally worth it when you get to organizing your coupons.  Here is a quick link for you all to follow to find the fabulous dividers that I did.  :)  PLEASE go and read her entries on beginning couponing and watch any clips she has taken.  I found her site to be SO helpful!

Another great site that I have found is  They match up coupons with the sales that are out there at MANY stores.  They even have stores from MY neck of the woods (aka; NOWHERESVILLE)!  So now when I am planning a trip to town I check out all the match-ups to see what I have.

It is VERY important that you learn the "lingo" that they couponing sites use.  Both of the above sites have a glossary/lingo part of their page so that you can easily learn what they are talking about. At first it looks like gibberish but soon it will become second hand and when you are writing your list out you will find yourself using it as well!

OK, without further adieu, here are the pictures of my binder with some short explanations.  Most of them are self explanatory though.  :)

My stack of coupons this week!

 Baseball card holders, how I organize my coupons.
The Binder!

Even has a place for pens!
The Table of Contents

Divider #1

Baseball card holder in action!

I used tabs on each divder so I can quickly find what section I am looking for.

There is even a little file folder part so I can keep extra baseball card holders, a notebook, in store ads, coupons I haven't clipped yet, and store policies very handy!

I hope that seeing my coupon binder is helpful!  Let me know if you have any more questions about it and I will be glad to answer!
<3 Alison

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