Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Banana Crumb Cake

Yesterday's day of relaxing didn't happen, I got motivated so I used that motivation to get some things  :)  At any rate, I got quite a few things done.

First I made some sloppy joe mix to add to some ground beef that Hubby had already browned for me.  So now I have one meal already made ahead for later this week or to freezer for later in the pregnancy.  Then I made a bread pudding.  I am not a huge fan of bread pudding but I had some bread that wasn't good for slicing so I thought this would be a good solution.  Hubby loves bread pudding so this was a huge hit with him.  YAY!

After I made the taco meat for dinner and we cleaned up from that I made a Banana Crumb Cake.  I found the recipe on another blog that I follow and just had to try it.  :)  You can find the original recipe here.  Here is what I did with the recipe.  :)

Banana Crumb Cake
* 2C sugar
* 3 bananas
* 1 stick margarine
* 1 C milk
* 2 eggs

* 2 C self rising flour
* 1 tsp vanilla
* 1 C chopped nuts (optional-I use pecans)
Crumb Topping
* 1 stick (1/2 c) Margarine
* 1 Cup brown sugar (dark or light)
* 1 cup flour (self rising or plain, whatever you have on hand)
Spray two loaf or 8×8 pans with cooking spray(I use a 9x13). Place peeled bananas in mixing bowl, add sugar. Mix until bananas are liquefied. Add margarine, mix until creamed together with banana mixture. Add all other ingredients and blend well.
In medium bowl, place all topping ingredients. Cut together with a long tined fork until well blended. Pour 1/4 of batter into each pan, top with 1/4 crumb mixture(If using a 9x13, pour half of batter, top with half of crumb mixture and repeat). Pour remaining batter over and top with remaining crumb mixture. Bake for 45 minutes to an hour at 350(Since I used a 9x13, it was more like 50 minutes).
Cake is done when toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

This is so yummy!  I made it in the two loaf pans so I could have one to freeze to use at a later time.  Everyone really enjoyed tasting this crumb cake.  

Today's agenda includes making some "Chicken Little " styled deviled eggs and some birds' nests.  If I get the supplies I need I will also be making some Easter baskets for my kids.  If not, that post will wait for another day.  :)

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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