Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It will likely be a quiet week.

I really wanted to post somethings on the blog this week but it just isn't going to work out.  We came back from our trip to Ohio to find all three of our kiddos are sick.  Two of them have fevers today and they all are coughing terribly.  I finally had to give Butterfly her inhaler tonight so she could stop coughing.  Poor thing!  On top of the kids being sick Hubby left for a business trip this morning and won't be back until sometime on Friday.

Yesterday I went in for my OB check up to find out that I am developing a hernia.  I told him I was having a weird ripping feeling across my belly right in line with my belly button.  He felt the area and found several very tender areas indicating that there is a hernia starting.  So now I cannot lift anything to try and prevent further damage.  So I have had to get creative with getting Bubby into his high chair.  He now climbs onto one chair that is pushed up against the high chair (booster thingy attached to a regular chair) and then jumps into his seat.  I then buckle him in and we do the reverse process for getting down now.  We have also had to put Bubby into a toddler bed.  I wasn't expecting to do this until much later in my pregnancy but I guess now is as good a time as any.

With all of this going on this week I will probably not be posting.  I do hope that next week calms down a bit and I can get back into my regular posting.  I have several projects on the horizon and a couple of posts I am dying to write (the banner that I made for my friends baby shower is one of them) but they will just have to wait.  Right now all I want to do is sit down and watch a movie and then go to bed.  Of course I will be folding laundry at the same time but at least I can do it and watch a movie!  :)



  1. Oh, yuck! I got an umbilical hernia with Cam and didn't even realize it until he was a year old, lol. But I definitely remember those weird, ripping sensations...thought it was just par for the course until I saw the hernia sticking out. :-P Good news is mine is small and there's no need to have it corrected, esp until we are sure we're done having kids (as it would likely reopen).

    I've been wanting to try out your chair cover tie thing for a while now, and you've reminded me! Maybe we'll take a trip to JoAnn, hmm. Sorry the kiddos are sick...hope they are feeling better ASAP!

  2. It was just one of those things that I thought I would mention to the Dr when I was in. I didn't think it was anything serious. Apparently when you have your 4th kid in 6 years it becomes a bit more dangerous since those muscles have been stretched so far so often.
    I sure hope mine stays small and doesn't cause a problem. I REALLY don't want to have to have it corrected. I don't like surgery.