Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Natural Cleaning

This is something that I have wanted to break into for quite sometime but just never get around to it.  I am tired of coughing and sneezing as I clean my bathrooms.  And, frankly, that can't be good for my kids or for the baby.
So today I pose the do you clean your home?  Do you use natural cleaning products?  What are your at home cleaning products to clean things like the mirrors, toilets, tubs and the like?
Can you help me to "go natural" when cleaning?

<3 Alison


  1. I love vinegar and water. :) I put that in my Swiffer's bottle when the perfumey-chemically stuff ran out. I use it to clean the counters in the kitchen and bath, too, but also sometimes use the Green Works stuff. Sometimes I miss that "clean smell," aka the lemony/scented smell that store-bought cleaners have! I know scent doesn't equal cleanliness, but old habits die hard. ;) I've heard of adding drops of essential oils to the water/vinegar mix, but haven't tried it myself.

    Toilets, I still use the awful bleach products. Our toilets just don't stay clean (they are old and need cleaned more than once a week unless I use the harsh cleaners) so I use the 'bad' stuff to save my sanity. :)

    Oh, and BAKING SODA. That stuff cleans anything. Like, food coloring off my counter, grease off my stove, etc etc. Love that stuff.

  2. I use a lot of plain old soap, and vinegar for light cleaning and made my own laundry detergent, but I still need windex for heavy duty glass shining and definitely still use heavy duty bleach and such for the toilet and tub adn gardening disinfectant. I don't use them every single week, but once in awhile I feel like they need a "Real" cleaning and I break out the hazardous stuff. On a daily basis though, the answer is I just don't clean constantly...soap and water and a vacuum when I do:)

  3. Method has a pretty decent toilet bowl and tub cleaner. Works *almost* as good as the chemical stuff with minimal work. Not sure just how "green" it is, but the smell isn't bad, even in closed confined extra heated spaces (read our bathroom). For the rest we use shaklee h2, which quite possibly is the best product in the world.

  4. just recently discovered the vinegar and water combo and LOVE IT! i pretty much use it on almost all my normal cleaning now--counters, stove, floor, microwave, counters, bathroom, showers/tubs, and counters. (yea, well, that's where i clean the most LOL) we do still use the regular toilet bowl cleaner stuff for inside the bowl but i don't think that smell is too bad and i used the vinegar/water for the actual toilet/lid/seat.

  5. I just use water for the sinks/mirror, steam mop the floors and baking soda in the tub/shower. The toilets I still use chemicals...I'm all about natural stuff by the toilet is just one area I'm not comfortable using anything but the hard core stuff. I use the scrubbing bubbles toilet wand.