Sunday, March 6, 2011


Who knew that GAK could be this infuriating?!  I thought nothing of it that I needed liquid starch and Glue-All.  But geez!  We went to visit my parents yesterday and stopped in at their Wal-Mart (after checking on line to make sure they had it in stock, of course!) and picked up the dag gone liquid starch.

1 cup liquid starch
1 cup Elmer's Glue All
food coloring

Add the food coloring to the 1 cup of liquid starch and then add 1 cup of Glue All.  Mix together with spoon and then with hands.

Now this seems pretty easy, right?  Well, it can be tricky.  I was really starting to wonder if this stuff was ever going to come together.  I stopped using the spoon and started using my hands.  That helped.  And then I realized there was no way all the liquid starch was going to go into this glue.  So I took the glob out of the bowl and worked the GAK on a piece of plastic (flexible cutting board).  And then it REALLY started to come together.

So, in my experience you will have a bit of extra liquid starch left in the bowl but will still come out with a great piece of GAK.  :)

Hope you have fun with this one...I sure did...shhh don't tell the kids!  ;)



  1. Does it dry out? How long can you keep it?

  2. If you don't keep it in a sealed container (plastic baggy, tupperware kind of thing) I am sure it would dry out. And I am not sure how long it will last. I think as long as you keep it in a sealed container you would be ok for a while. I mean it is just glue and starch so I can imagine pretty much