Saturday, March 12, 2011

More unpacking...

Yesterday I spent the day working on my craft room in the basement.  I unpacked boxes upon boxes upon boxes.  My dad moved boxes around so I could get to them.  My mom swept up dust, dirt and wood chips.  And after all of that I felt TERRIBLE!  I got everything set up and was excited to use it but I just felt awful!  My throat was sore and I had a headache.  Not only that but my back decided that it should join in on the fun as well and gave me pain for the rest of the night (which I did not take sitting down, we went grocery
At any rate after a full day of recovering I am starting to feel normal again.  I can talk normally and my back pain is gone.
I am pretty happy with the way that things are at this point.  Now granted we have an unfinished basement so things are pretty, um, well, undone but the space is great and I actually have a place to scrapbook, sew and quilt.  I still need one more shelf and another desk but for now this is great.  :)  I can even let my ironing board be in the standing position!  There are a few things that I would like to be hung up but that will have to wait until we sheetrock, which will have to wait until after we get the electrician to come in and put in several more outlets and re-wire whatever what done improperly.
Tomorrow I hope that we can get some pictures taken so I can show you all what I have accomplished.  I need to find some carpet (which I am hoping my dad will give me, since he has some remnants) and a space heater so I can make it a bit more comfortable.

So what have you guys been up to this weekend?  Anything productive?  I sure hope you are all having a great weekend.
<3 Alison

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  1. Your space sounds awesome! Our basement is full of workout equipment and Mike's tool stuff. And the wash/dryer and tons of storage! Right now my sewing desk is downstairs in the playroom, and all of my supplies are upstairs in Fletcher's bedroom. Really, we call that the sewing room that F happens to sleep in, lol.
    Craftiness, I've been sewing rompers for Fletcher for the summer. I bought tonsss of new material yesterday to make more, and today I'm making Cam's superhero cape. He has been very patient waiting for me to gather materials, so I hope to surprise him when he wakes from nap. :)